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  • Thread

    We supply the yarns we need for the production of towels, bathrobes, bed linen, both from abroad and from domestic manufacturers. We mainly produce from domestic and 100% cotton yarns.
    16/1 Ring, 16/1 carded, 16/1 combed, 16/1 microcotton, 16/1 pc, 20/2 ring, 20/2 open - end, 20/2 ring, 16/1 openened, 20/1 ring, 20/1 carded, 30/1 openend etc. We use yarns such as Our annual yarn requirement is 650,000 kg. In the product to be manufactured; We supply yarn according to which weight or fabric density will be selected.

  • Weaving

    We have 6 Dobby towels and 4 Jacquard towels 32 cloth weaving looms in our production. In addition, we also run contract counters according to the order situation. We manufacture 44,000 kg of woven cloth and 160,000 meters of fabric in monthly towel production.

    Our pattern model variety varies according to the demands of our customers. As long as your minimum number of production is in accordance with the minimum that can be made, we produce in the model and pattern you want.

  • Paint

    We have all of the productions we are making outsourced. We have the finishing process done according to the desired touch, color and hydrophilic properties.

  • Garment

    We do the garment work with two length sewing, 2 length cutting and 20 width sewing machines.
    With more than 65 meticulous and experienced employees and our sensitive quality control approach, we make our products ready for loading. According to customer demands, we make the desired packaging, advertising cardboard, intermediate cardboard, label, boxing and ship them in parcels or large shipping bags.

  • shipping

    The products prepared as boxes are brought to the shipping stage by preparing the box labels and barcodes according to customer demands. The shipment is made in the form of Denizli factory delivery and overseas address delivery. For shipments in the form of overseas address delivery, a cubic meter calculation is made according to the amount of the product to be prepared, and we get the approximate shipping amount information from the shipping companies for you. After your confirmation of the shipping amount, we make the shipment as partial or full truck/container.

  • Export

    We export 70% of our products. Among the countries we export to; There are countries such as Germany, England, Poland, Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Belgium, Netherlands, Hungary, Lithuania, Switzerland, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Turkmenistan and Australia.
    We carry out our exports by sea and land as Izmir port, Istanbul and Mersin port exits.